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GIMP scripts

Rotation scripts for use with Kyra

Please note that this was basicly a flawed idea. It was all a workaround for the fact that kyre can't rotate sprites.

I got the scripts to work, but the result was to big for kyra to handle. :-) So eventually I had to find another solution.

In the end this was just a excercise in building GIMP-scripts (script-fu/scheme), which wasn't a very pleasant experience. Badly documented, difficult to debug and quite slow. Next time the need arises I will use ImageMagick instead!

The scripts are left here in hope that someone might find them useful, either for actually rotating sprites, or for learning script-fu.

I have made two Gimp scripts (script-fu) for generating rotated sprites for use with the Kyra sprite engine.

The first script takes a single image as input, it rotates it and put all the rotated images in one big output image. It also creates an XML-file for loading into Kyra's sprite editor. The second script is similar to the first one but operates on several input images which is useful for rotating an entire animated sequence.

Both scripts are able to handle rotation of the image hotspots.

Below is some screenshots with some simple graphics to illustrate what the scripts do. For more information take a look at the README, and download the scripts here.

This is how the first script looks when it's invoked from Gimp:


Here's the result:

single rotate in gimp window

And here is how it looks when loaded into the sprite editor. Note that the hotspots are rotated.

single rotate in kyra window

Same as above, but this time without rotation of the hotspots.

single rotate in kyra window without hotspot rotation

This is how the second script looks when invoked from Gimp:


The result:

multi rotate in Gimp window

And the result loaded into the sprite editor.

multi rotate in kyra window